Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Sketching Some More

Ideas for prints and paintings keep flowing into my Moleskine sketchbook.  Seems like I have also begun to enjoy a sketching session with a nice cup of Joe and a pastry…how French of me!
I try to sketch as much as I can, while sitting in the train, waiting at the doctor's office, in my down time at work, and even at a few thousand feet up in the air.  It's not a matter of when inspiration will hit, it's a matter of developing a work ethic and keeping the brain entertained and sharp.  My mom regularly says that the brain is another muscle of the body and that it needs working out just as much as your biceps.  And you know mom knows best.
See, what did I tell you about the coffee and pastry?  This sort of thing can be problematic, specially in the sumer when you have to watch what you eat to be able to fit into that favorite bathing suit.  Can't wait until the fall and winter, this afternoon ritual will taste so much better with a slight chill in the air.

These are a couple of videos of a drawing in progress.  The second video was taken during my train ride to Connecticut…I never waist time. 

While I was in Connecticut this past weekend I visited the Wadsworth Atheneum Museum, a place I know well from my youth.  This is the place where I saw my first Caravaggio, my first exhibition on Caravaggio and his followers, and my first exhibition on Impressionism.    This museum has a lovely collection and it is hard not sketch some of the paintings in the galleries.
I'm trying to get better at sketching the figure using a pen, the last time I tried drawing from life using a pen I failed miserably.  For now I'll stick to sketching figures from old master paintings, the models will hold the pose for ever and I can take my sweet time trying to figure things out. 

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