Saturday, July 21, 2018

100 and 1...Frenchies?

Last summer I wrote a post about a commission I had been given to execute a watercolor design for a Christmas card.  This year I have been commissioned again by the same clients and I have been working hard to deliver the image they have in mind.  The commission changed a bit last year to include a portrait of the clients' French Bulldog Peter.  This year we are sticking to the same theme with more of a focus on him.   
The idea is to have the little Frenchie share a surfboard with a Christmas tree while riding a big wave. 
 The pencil sketches above are the preliminary compositional sketches to determine what would work best.  It was decided that I should combine these last two sketches into what would be the final image. 
This is the first take in full color.  I'm very proud of this wave, I looked at Japanese wood blocks for inspiration and I think this has some of that essence. 
Moving on to a second take.  Changes needed to be made to the dog, but thank God for the magic of Photoshop I did not need to recreate the wave.  I only had to paint Peter, the tree, and the surfboard and they will get dropped in to the image of the wave. 
I just finished working on the third take, more changes needed to be done to the dog.  I had to make a few more sketches to be able to get it right. 
This is the third revision on Peter and I believe this will be it, cross your fingers that this is it!  I will be submitting this image for review on Tuesday, let's hope I meet the clients' wishes.  Thank you for reading this blog and I hope your dog days of summer are splendid. 

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