3 Virtual Exhibitions

Many things have been going on since the shut down in NYC, there has been a lot of drawing going on, new series of works are on the way, and then there are these three online exhibitions.

The first one kicking off this group is TERRA INCOGNITA, a group exhibition organized by the newly formed The QNS Collective.  I am very honored and happy to be part of this group of wonderful artists and human beings.   Here's a statement from our group's website: 
"The QNS Collective is a tight-knit group of artists who originally met when they all lived in Queens, New York, during the same period. As each made their way to NYC to commence their art careers, they founded an art critique group that met monthly in each other’s living rooms to share and discuss their work. Many nights of creative exchange, shared input, and general merriment led to artistic growth. Though they have since scattered across the world, their bond over creating compelling art remains. At the onset of the current global pandemic, they strengthened their connection to provide support for each other. They have virtually gathered on this platform to share their creative efforts. " 
On Friday, April 17, The QNS Collective launched the exhibition TERRA INCOGNITA with a zoom opening reception which included talks by the participating artists and a tour of a virtual gallery space in which our works hung to scale.  This was such a memorable evening in which we all were able to explain our work to those who joined and also share our mutual concerns and vulnerabilities during this time of pandemic.  The exhibition is still up on the group's website and you can view by clicking the links above or by going here: https://www.theqnscollective.com/terra-incognita

The second exhibition to follow is Trees of Life, curated by Dina Brodsky and hosted by The Blue Review.  Again I am very honored to have been included in a group of high caliber artists.  Here's a statement from the exhibition: 
"This virtual exhibition, curated by The Blue Review, features twelve talented artists from across the US. We focused on trees as they have a special symbolism in the current environment when the medical workers stand strong, tall, and often unprotected in the face of grueling working conditions in nursing homes and clinics. Much like the enduring tree in the wind. They are a reminder to us all that we can, and we will, persevere.     
For every purchase, 50% of the sale price will be a tax-deductible donation towards putting protective equipment in the hands of front-line medical staff. The rest goes towards supporting the artists at a time of great need." 

The third exhibition and the most recent is Biophilia, organized by Sugarlift.  I have worked with Sugarlift in the past year and I'm very happy to have been included in this exhibition amongst a group of very talented artists.  Below a statement from the exhibition:
"Biophilia is an exhibition celebrating the natural world. As the weather warms and many of us continue to shelter-in-place and self-isolate, 30 artists offer us our daily nature prescription in paintings and drawings of everything from abundant landscapes to a few sprouts peeking out of city sidewalks.
Biophilia is the first of Sugarlift’s #allforartists campaigns in 2020."

On Thursday, May 21, Sugarlift hosted a virtual gallery opening via Zoom, with the curators doing an hour tour of the exhibition through a virtual gallery.  There were some artists highlight and discussion about the works, and amazingly over two hundred people joined.

All three exhibitions have kept me busy in the last few weeks, I created new drawings for each, which I will posting on this blog soon.  Do come back, I have more to share.


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