Bringing Ghosts Back to Life

After the first three ghost print drawings I completed I realized that I needed to explore this application more.  I'm always thinking ahead, and luckily I had ordered new inks and pens just in time before the shut down.

So while I quarantined and recovered from COVID, I began exploring the possibilities of new ink colors on top of the ghost prints.  This was new territory for me, and as always, new things tend to be exciting and scary at the same time.

I carried on, making two dark blue ink drawings that turned out alright surprisingly enough.  While drawing these I kept singing in my head...I'm blue - da ba dee da ba dye, da ba dee da ba dye.  Maybe it was my nine day fever that had me all loopy?!

On to the next color of about scary, I had something else in mind when I ordered this color.  As I began applying it I began fearing that I had made a huge mistake and had lost a good ghost print.

I'm a stubborn person, and so I continued to layer this yellow green color.  I was not sure if it was the color I had a problem with, or the nib of my new pen.  Regardless as I continued working on this drawing the color began to grown on me.

I became obsessed with these drawings, in fact I have been working and obsessing over many things since the shut down because I know this situation is temporary and at some point soon I will have to go back to my full time job.  So I better make the most of the time I have in my little studio.  There have been many late nights working away, there have been a few nights when I didn't sleep at all!

In this video I explain things a little better about this new group of drawings, and I even do a little demonstration on my technique.  Enjoy the video and let me know what you think!


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