Monday, December 18, 2006

Attention all, be very careful!

Dear Artists,
I was very excited on Thursday to hear that someone was interested in buying one of my "one day paintings". After sending the guy all the information I could about the physical aspect of the work and it's creation, he emailed me back wanting to know if I had other work available in the price range of $300 to $2000. I sent him a link where he would find all this information. On Saturday morning he sent an email hoping to make a deal with me. I felt uneasy, and after asking Scott for his opinion, he did a search online with the findings that this was a scam!
Bellow you will find what we found online and a copy of the email the guy sent me:

Standard Art Fraud email letters (of introduction)

Good day, and thanks for the email.
Am o.k. with the price of the [art work name]. Am still interesting in purchasing it. Don't worry about the shipping, I have my shipping agent that will carry out the shipping and other necessary arrangements.
I am sending you the check of [$ value] euros, so you have to get your own 1700 euros for the [artwork name], and send the remaining excess funds on the check to the shipping company, through western union money transfer for the pickup of the [artwork name], from your place.
Here is the information that I need from you, where the payment will be made out to. Your full name that will be written on the check
Full Name......
Full Address......
Zip Code......
Phone Number......

Get back to me as soon as posible with these information today. I will await! this information from you.
Thanks and God bless...and here is my number [telephone number] you can give me call anytime also here is the shipping company email who is going to come for the pick up you can email them any time. [email of shipping contact] and also am from [country of origin].
Best reagards, [senders name].

Letter type two

thanks for your email sorry for my late reply...i would like to know some of your cheapest art works...i have already bugjet up to [$ value] for the art work so pleas let me know the art designs from [$ value]...
SHIPPING; i have a shipper who works with a shipping company so he would make arrangments and they would come and pick up the art work in your house so pleas dont borther about the shiping
i would instruct my shipper to mail you the money as soon as you get money you can cash it then deduct the money for the art work from the money and send the remaining back to my shipper and he would make arrangements. Please i hope you understand me...
this is my shippers contact mail [email address]
ensure to send me the info;
phone number
and let me know the prices range so i can know my bugjet
waiting for you

The email I received:
barber wrote:
Luis Colan,
Thanks alot for the response,
so now in this case, I shall be paying through check for the payment and for the shipment, so you don't have to worry about the shipping, because I have a reputable shipping company who normally comes for the shipment of my items. So now I sall be sending you the sum of $4000, for the payment of the (Red Cabbage, Olive Oil, Two Onions and Tomato), so you are to deduct $1050 for the payment of what am buying from you and send the remaining to the shipping company in other for them to use it for the shipment.
Well, I know you might be wondering that why is it that you are the one to transfer the shipment funds to the shipper? Its becuase the shipper informed me about some problem they normally face by the seller when they come for pickup, and this make them to come up with a new arrangement on this above arrangement am telling you about, so all what you just need to do is to bear with me and the shipper so their wont be any problem on the day of shipment, cause if the payment were send to them via you its an assurance there is no problem and their wont be any problem on the day of pick up.
Hope yo got me right, OK if so do let me have all this bellow information in other for me to proceeds and send out the check to you.
Name on check;
Your Full address;
Zip code;

As soon as I receive all this information from you I shall proceed with the transaction and send the payment to you right away, and also for your information am from Netherlands and in a case you have any questions you can call me on this number +31643632911, and in a case you have any question you want to ask from the shipper regarding the shipment and packing you can email them on this email address
Thanks and hope to hear from you ,
Best Regards,

Get the Point?
I felt the need to share this with all you since most of us do our transactions through email. I feel very bummed out that this person was taking me for a fool, but thank God I followed my gut feeling and decided to seek advice. My findings proved that my intuition was right. How does the scam work? They send you the check/money order for you to deposit into your bank account. When that happens you are to tranfer the funds to them by check, cash or whatever. Few days later you get a call from your bank telling you that the check you deposited bounced, this is after you gave them your money. In the end you have to pay back for your withdrawal. When you get this kind of email, especially full of grammatical mistakes, alarms should start going off and just press the delete button! If any of you would like to see more testimonies about this kind of scam just do a yahoo search with the email the dude gave me, Seems like is their favorite!


Jan said...

Excellent warning, Luis! I'll pass it on to artist friends.

Luis Colan said...

No problem, I thought everyone should now about this.