Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Little Orange

Little Orange, 2006, oil on canvas, 6 x 6 inches, Sold

I saw this citrus fruit last week at the market and I had to have it; for painting that is. I bought it and asked the staff of the place if they knew the name of it since no sign was on the pile. No one was sure, they kept saying "Orange! Orange!" I left it in the fridge so that I could paint it after Christmas, and when I got home tonight my roommate, God bless his soul, threw it away. The first time ever he cleans the fridge in eight months happened when I was away in Connecticut with my family, and my little orange went down the garbage shoot. I had to go down to the store again and buy another one. To my luck they still had a few more. I asked again what kind of a fruit this was. I got the same answer "Orange! Orange!" I'm not sure if that's the truth or not since it looks like a mix between a lemon, an orange, and a clementine. Since I don't know the correct name for it I'm calling it "Little Orange."


Anonymous said...

looks like a mandarin to me :P ..nice work whatever it is

Luis Colan said...

That's what I thought too. Thanks for the nice comment.