Friday, July 07, 2006

My Daily Companion

For as long as I can remember I've had a sketchbook obsession. Always buying new ones without filling the previous one. I usually would lean towards leather or leather like books, but it wasn't until the summer of 2004 when my search for the perfect notebook/sketchbook was over. At this time I started working at Kremer Pigments and Moleskines were piled high on the center table of the store. I was given a Moleskine notebook to jot down notes on store operations as I was being trained. Soon after, the notebook became my daily companion. I'm not a writer, never have been but I couldn't help to start filling this book with what ever I could write. It became my museum companion, taking notes on works of art from the Met., Frick, MFA Boston, and Philadelphia Museum. It also became my research notebook, as I learned about techniques and applications of raw materials from old times. Since then my Moleskine companionship has grown to include the weekly planner and sketchbook along with the NYC subway map. I don't see myself without them, since today I brought home more Moleskines for me to fill!

Sketch of two views of an onion

Sketch of an onion from above

Sketches from Bathesda Fountain in Central Park

Sketch of Juan de Valdes Leal's Pieta at the Met

Oil medium recipies copied from Robert Massey's Formulas for Painters

Notes taken from the National Gallery Technical Bulleting vol.20

Moleskine heaven at Kremer Pigments NYC


Anonymous said...

This is good. I vant to see more more, more!
Ms. Mole

Luis Colan said...

thanks Ms. Mole, I'll show more of the sketchbook as I go along.


Coco said...

I did not see any of the colourful cover moleskine in Brighton. I'd love one of them !!!

C x

Luis Colan said...

oh yeah, those are the silk cover Moleskines, they are the Van Gogh series issued with the Van Gogh Museum. They are expencive, $18.


muddy red shoes said...

Hi Luis, (and Coco)
Love your blog, especially the painting process, I have just started doing the same on mine, its facinating to see how people work. Also I have just fallen in love with Moleskins too, looks like they are addictive. Keep playing with your food!

Nadia said...

I got a Moleskine for christmas a few years ago and I too became addictive.
I love your paintings, I´ll definitely come back to see more of them!

Luis Colan said...

thank you for stopping by Nadia and Sarah, it's always nice to hear from new people. Yes, Moleskines are addictive!!!! I'll be checking in to each of your blogs soon, in the mean time take care.


Speedmaster said...

Great work!

What pens/pensilcs do you prefer?


Luis Colan said...

hi Chris, thanks for checking out my blog and for your question. I have been using for the past couple of years Pilots V-Ball Extra Fine black pens. I like the feel of it. When it comes to pencils I like to use the regular yellow school pencils, but for my Moleskine I use 0.7 or 0.9 mechanical pencils. I also like to use Bic Round Stic ballpoint pens.

Crucible Visions said...

Great post! Glad to find another Moleskine addict. *s*