Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Finally at Peace

It took too long I realize it! After a year and a half I finally settle into my home. Since my move into this place, early in 2007, things were always difficult. The "studio" took on different forms and corners in the apartment. Live happens and there were many reasons why I never found peace in this space. I realize now maybe this is why I haven't been painting as much.
Things are slowly falling into place and I decided to take matters on my hands and reconfigured my studio the way I wanted. Not because I wanted to take my roommate into consideration, or because someone else thought I should paint on some designated area. It was all about me. Last week I moved furniture around, leaving me with the perfect painting space I've had so far.
The most emotional part was on Saturday morning, as I started putting up my inspiration wall. Centuries of art history printed on postcards I've been collecting during museum visits were hung on the walls. These postcards had been up in my previous working spaces, hovering over me every night as I painted, offering me answers to many painting questions. I brought them out of their box so that they could watch over me once again. It was the missing link; the inspiration I was lacking all this time. Now I feel at home and with a renewed sense for painting.

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Mona said...

Hi Luis,

I had an 'inspiration wall' for about 25 years in front of my drawing board, so I know exactly what you mean! In my case it was a mix of inspirational images. photos, family photos---whatever brings me joy as well as inspiration. It continued to change and shift over the years.

In my new home, my inspiration in my studio is my view from the 4th floor out my window in Brooklyn looking at the Williamsburg Bank building and the city landscape. No matter what, inspiration hangs all around my studio also. Best wishes with your new start!