Thursday, August 28, 2008

Layer by Layer

I continue working on the landscape above, a job that doesn't feel much like work. Slowly I keep building the painting each layer at a time, trying to keep a loose touch as I go along. Sometimes is hard for me not to start tightening things up, but I have been forcing myself to go the opposite way. This painting still needs a few more things here and there but I'm not rushing it. Why rush fun things right? Last Saturday I payed the Met a visit searching for inspiration and knowledge. My goal was to study Corot's landscape sketches, and I was able to find more than that. I saw some amazing small & large landscapes, by mostly French painters, and what they had to show me has been of great importance in this new learning experience. I've been bit the the landscape bug y'all! I think I will be doing more.


Tor Hershman said...

Beautiful painting.

Luis Colan said...

thank you very much!