Thursday, August 07, 2008

New Painting: Red Onion

Red Onion, 2008, oil on canvas, 8 x 7 inches
Every artist, at any point in their career, has been inspired or deeply touched by another artist’s work. My list of heroes is long, running the gamut from 17th century Italian painting to Abstract Expressionism, but no one has touched me more than Stephen Brown. I had the honor of being his student during three semesters at the Hartford Art School, an experience which still rewards my journey as a painter.
With this small painting, I tried to keep Stephen’s instructions on the use of color, about using warms and cools. This may be a subject touched upon by many visual artists but he had a way of creating beautiful rich images by placing colors of different temperatures next to each other. The red onion is also a direct quote to one of his paintings of the same subject. It seems like I keep chasing his level of skill and vision, although I realize I have long ways to go. With this onion I say “Thank you Stephen.”

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