Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Back to Work

Finally the time has come! I spent most of yesterday afternoon finishing my studio set up. In the last couple of weeks I took things out of boxes little by little and tried to find the best place for them.
First I had to set the bookshelves and put all the books out, since most of the boxes contained them and they were taking too much space. I moved on to other things, and it wasn't until yesterday afternoon that I was able to completely finish clearing out everything and picking up loose ends from the floor and my desk. Postcards went up above my computer desk and away from the new painting wall. I want to be able to use this wall for larger paintings and I needed a blank space for future work.
I started working last night after my clean up, adding a few more layers to Nando's portrait which has been siting on my easel waiting for me to give it some love. I will post more on the progress of that portrait and of the landscape I didn't finish before the move in the coming days. For now I feel a great relief that life can go back to normal.

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