Thursday, March 27, 2008

SoHo In Brooklyn

Welcome to SoHo Art Materials, my new home away from home. When I moved to NYC almost four years ago SoHo Art was the first store I went to for my supplies. My boss at that time recommended this place and it was love at first site. Unlike the other big art stores in the country, this place was a true old fashioned store where the staff was pleasant and was very eager to help their customers. It was nice to see that they knew most of their customers on a first name basis and knew who was painting what. Now that's a homey place!
Eventually I asked for a part time job, and thanks to the generosity of owner Johnny I became part of the SoHo family. But this was only for a very short time, my other job wasn't so happy with my new weekend duties. I had to leave the store but always kept it in mind.
I was lucky enough that a full time position opened up and I took it! And I'm glad I did since it seems that I will learn so much more working for this company, and what's even better it seems like they are willing to learn from my experience as well. I started working in the Brooklyn location last week, the place we call "the factory."
In Brooklyn one can find the warehouse/factory where stretchers are hand made, and where all special order stretched canvas are assembled. Next to the factory is the tiny annex to the store in Manhattan. It might be a very small space but this little store has everything an artist might need. And if it's not found in the Brooklyn store, it can be brought in for the next day from the Manhattan store and vise versa.
This is my downfall, Williamsburg Oil Paint, and this place has tons of every single shade both in big and small tubes. I can't get enough of it!
This is where the magic happens. The factory is made up of two large rooms. This one, where all Tri-Mar Stretcher Bars are hand made. All day one can hear the saws running and cutting through planks of wood. This is what makes SoHo Art the respected place it is. They can make, cut, and assemble any kind of stretcher at any time.

This is the only place in NYC where one can walk in, or call, and place an order for large and small custom made canvas, and the guys at the factory can have it ready for you the next day. This is why big name artists like Ross Bleckner, John Currin, George Condo, Susanna Coffey, and Alex Melamid; to name a few, rely on the professionalism of SoHo Art.
Why artists love this place is because SoHo Art delivers all throughout Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Long Island City. Not many artist are able to carry large things on the subway, that's why this truck comes as a blessing to those who love to paint big. Everyday this truck makes its delivery run bringing with it large numbers of painting supports to artists across NYC.

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