Sunday, September 20, 2009

Male Nude

Male Nude (Nando), 2009, sanguine and graphite on paper, 14 x 14 1/2 inches
It's been a while since I've drawn a nude, since April of 2007 I think. So it was time, and I was lucky find a model within my circle of friends. Hopefully I can get a few more drawings out of him.


Robert said...

Luis, this is just stunning and shows just how skilled you are at life drawing. I once had professor in college who said that if you can draw the human nude then you can do anything. I hope you know how much I have appreciated this blog of yours, sharing your creative experiences and your very being with all of us. You were one of my first Flickr artist friends and I must thank you for that. Please do more of these wonderful drawings and take good care.

All the best, Robert Hoover

Luis Colan said...

Hello Robert, I thank you and appreciate very much you leaving that comment. It's very rewarding to hear these kinds of things once in a while, especially during times of doubt. Drawing the human figure is something I don't do often due to lack of free models and private space. But I do love drawing the figure. I have yet to paint it since I'm afraid of not doing a good job, but I feel that the time has come for me to do so. Thank you once again and I hope you're doing well and still painting.

Robert said...

You're very welcome, we should all help each other when ever possible. You have a lot of talent and we all need to have someone give us encouragement from time to time. You probably checked my Flickr site and saw I am still creating art (it's a big part of who I am) and have my second art exhibit this Friday night in Upstate NY called "Absolutely Abstract". Always fond wishes, Robert