Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Once Again...

This is starting to become a ridiculous routine! Once again I have no digital camera; this would be the fifth one and now going on my sixth camera since my first purchase of one in 2006. This time the lens stopped working. I feel like I'm cursed, my cameras are either breaking or getting lost. At first I used to stress out about not having one, with this last breakage I could only laugh, breath, and move on. I will buy one when I have a chance and money. In the mean time I'm still working. I spent most of Monday working away on the large still life I started earlier this year, and I also had a model in my studio pose for me. Got a nice drawing out of the short session. Will post an image of that drawing very soon, that is when one of my friends lends me a camera. Till then, happy painting.

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