Friday, September 04, 2009

'Tis the Season!

Fall is here and gallery season kicked off last night with Kehinde Wiley's show, Black Light, at Deitch Projects. Exhibitions and openings happen year round in the city, but nothing like the fall.   
The mood was exciting and the crowd was hungry, either for art or for the social spot light, but what a night it was to experience the true New York art world.   
Deitch Projects had openings going on at the same time on both locations, Kehinde's was on Grand Street, and Tauba Auerback's Here and Now/And Nowhere, which I will have more on later, right around the corner on Wooster Street.
A big gallery and big name artists are sure to draw big crowds, but I haven't experienced this kind of clamor at any opening in the city.  Deitch took over Grand and Wooster for the night, with guests spilling on to the street not allowing traffic through.  Mingling among the happy art goers in the street was Kehinde Wiley himself, looking very dapper in a red and white plaid suit.  Talk about loving pattern!   
Kehinde's show was not about painting, but photographs treated in photoshop to look like his popular canvases.  I will have more to say about the show, and images of the work, in the next couple of days.   
For the moment I just wanted to share last night's happenings as an introduction of what's to come in the next few months of gallery season.  

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