Sunday, October 24, 2010

Trying This Again!

I'm currently working on a new landscape, which I had started in 2008. After a couple of months of working the painting to death and failing at achieving a something I could be proud of, I decided to tear it off the stretcher bars and would give it a shot some other time. That time is now. I will be recording progress of this painting in this blog, maybe seeing all my steps will help me learn something about my working method, and with that make the necessary adjustments to achieve a better painting. These are the first stages of the painting, above I'm in the process of applying a warm earth tone on the linen.
Here I'm laying down the first few sketchy strokes which will determine the composition.
Since the first layer of paint was wet I was able to rub it off in the highlight areas. This would give me a better sense of what I'm dealing with.
Why stop at the sketch? I plowed on through the night adding colors that would give a general description of what I'm looking for in the final stages of this painting. Things can change from here, I could go cooler or warmer, or even darker. So far I think this is a good start, but the past keeps haunting me and I'm afraid that I will mess this up again. Time will tell...more to come.

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