Thursday, June 23, 2011

Central Park, Summer Dusk

Central Park, Summer Dusk, 2011, oil on linen, 8 x 10 inches
Last week, a day before leaving to Colorado, I went to Central Park to get some painting done. It was a little late in the afternoon, which makes it harder to paint since light changes faster at that time of day. This is the product of that afternoon's session, a piece a bit more moody than my previous plein air landscapes. I want to start introducing more color to my sky, I figure a good way to do this is to paint when the sun goes down, and all this is being influenced by my recent purchase of a landscape book, A History of American Tonalism 1880 - 1920. Most of the paintings included in the book are mesmerizing, and they are helping me fuel the fire in my stomach to create beautiful work. The large tome helped me find out about Charles Warren Eaton, a painter I am ashamed to say I didn't know about. Better late than never, now I can't get enough of his work. More to come.

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Robert said...

Majestic, oh so lovely. What an inspiration it is to be a recipient of your wonderful blog. You are so honest, sweet and loving. Love, Robert