Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Studio Clean Up

It was time again, the much dreaded studio clean up. This week I spent two whole nights cleaning and straightening up my studio after many months of neglect and junk pile ups. I always come back to the same spot, where so much clutter takes over my space to the point that it is impossible for me to think and work. There was no floor room, piles of clothes, supplies, and mail covered much of the room; but I had enough! I made room on my studio desk for books , exhibition and auction catalogs, and my laptop. I cleared out some shelves for canvas storage; I keep buying stretched linen and I had run out of space to store them...so I thought.
Now that the space is tidy, my supplies can be displayed in a better, pleasing way. Having them in neat stacks, like my drawing paper above, inspires me to work.
It didn't take long to get started, now that I have more moving room painting has become less of difficult task. The clean up helped me uncover some unfinished pieces, some that had no hope what so ever, and some like the piece bellow, that have great prospect.
I had begun work on this cityscape a year ago, shortly after my move to the new place. I had worked on this from the roof top of my apartment building, and has now become a studio piece, working from reference shots taken on that evening. A year ago this 8 x 10 canvas was a challenge, today I see it as a fun painting I can't wait to see it completed.

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