Monday, May 22, 2017

April at the Grand Army

Our monthly printing get togethers at the Grand Army keep going strong, as a matter of fact we met twice in April…not bad at all!
I keep exploring the larger format, still some kinks to work out but there is some progress.  Above a 12x18 copper plate is placed neatly on the bed of the press and it's ready to roll under the drum.  
A second plate is ready for the press, sometimes I wish I could keep the ink on the plate and let it dry and treat it like a painting on copper.  I love the way light reflects on the red cold tone of the copper.  It adds some drama that gets lost on the paper.
Fresh off the press…I'm happy with the result, but still it lacks the luminosity of the copper.  
Giving a big plate another go on the second day.  I lucked out with this one and was able to attain a glow on the final print, one that I have not seen on my previous prints.  I guess it was one of those things that only happens once and you have to be happen that it did than for it to have happened at all.  
Another moon nocturne image, I think a new series is happening here…this would be the third moon themed landscape this year.  Let's see how far I can go with this.  
Two prints done and drying.  I have been enjoying the process of most of my recent prints, the images come about organically without the use of reference photos or sketches.  It can be challenging trying not come up with different compositions and trying not to repeat myself.  So far things have worked out nicely though.

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