Monday, May 29, 2017

Memorial Day Weekend Painting

Spent the long weekend in Connecticut, where I grew up.  Went to Goodwin Park and took my new palette out for a spin!  I love this New Wave Art palette, it's the most comfortable hand held palette I've worked with.  One more for my collection…time to let the paint build up!
Saturday turned out to be an excellent day for painting, was not hot, and after a cloudy start to the day the sky cleared up and I had beautiful crisp light through the afternoon.  
Not a bad view don't you think?  Sometimes I feel very lucky that I get to enjoy life this way, out in the sun at peace with the sound of the wind and birds.
Late afternoon and the light begins to change.  I prefer this light, things begin to glow and it almost seems like there's magic in the air.
Second day of painting was a bit colder than expected, but you have to deal with it, once I'm in the zone I tend to forget about the heat or the cold.  A few hours later though I'm reminded of how cold it is wen my hands start to numb and tingle for the chill in the air.  That's usually a good time to stop.  
Again, I'm left alone among the trees and if feels like the world stands still.  These are the moments when I feel the most alive and at peace.

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