Thursday, May 18, 2017

Back to Prospect Park

The sun is shinning and summer is quickly approaching, and this can only mean one thing...plein air season is here.  Recently my friend Charles and I met up at Prospect Park to pick up right where we left off last summer, painting views of the lake. 
I love this area, given the right day and time, this little piece of land and water can make you feel like you are no longer in New York City.  Sometimes it feels like we are painting somewhere in France, standing in the same places that Daubigny had.  If only I had his talent can dream.  
It was a beautiful sunny day, a little windy at times but no big deal.  We knew that there was a chance of rain in the afternoon, but couldn't believe because it was too damn beautiful.  And about ten minutes before 3pm the clouds started moving in, and moving fast!
One smile for the camera before it was time to pack up and try to beat the rain.  It rained twice that afternoon.  We barely made it out of round one.  Luckily a few yards away from where we set up there's a burger place where we usually end our painting days and catch up on life and painting.  
Then round two came pouring down fast as we walked out of the park.  We thought we were done with the rain but I guess mother nature had something else planned for us.  Good thing I paint in oil and not watercolor, I can't imagine a day's work being washed away by the rain, can you?!  

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