Monday, October 23, 2006

Let the Light Shine Through

Study of Linseed Oil Bottle, 2006, oil on canvas board, 8 x 6 inches

I have always been drawn to the effects light and shadow can create. To this I can also add the interest of atmospheric effects, which I have mentioned in the past when talking about my work. The best way to capture the drama of light is by painting things light can pass through, like this bottle of linseed oil. I love the way the oil glows against the dark background and how it reflects on the surface it rests on. This was a study I decided to execute trying to get me ready for bigger piece of the same subject. I'm not sure when I'll start that more detailed work but I hope it is soon, since I'm dying to work some more with this subject. But before that I have a couple other paintings I have to finish before moving on to this one.


Mauricio said...

Hola Luis,

Como siempre tu trabajo espetacular, me encanta!

Un abrazo desde el sur.

Luis Colan said...

Hey Mauricio, hace mucho tiempo que no escucho de ti. Gracias por tu generosidad con my trabajo.

Un abrazo igualmente desde el norte.

Marnee said...

I always draw my bottles crooked too. Its a chore to break myself of the right handed dominance.

Lovely rendering, however.

Luis Colan said...

Hi Marnee,
It's funny, I didn't notice it being crooked until after I put the painting on the site...I got too lazy to try to fix it. Was hoping no one would notice!