Wednesday, October 11, 2006

When Life Gives You Lemons...

Lemon, 2006, oil on canvas panel, 5 x 7 inches

When life gives you lemons you paint them! At least that's in my case since I make my lemonade from the Crystal Light packs. I was at the grocery store the other night and saw all the lemons piled high and they all looked so beautiful. I've been wanting to paint a lemon for a while but never gave myself the chance to do it because I can't seem to get the values right. I just see a big yellow lump and it's very difficult for me to translate what I see onto my painting support. Well, I gave it a try and I guess I'll hear from the rest of you letting me know whether if it worked or not.


Jan said...

It looks wonderful! Maybe I'll pick up some lemons and give them a try next time I see an enticing pile in the produce department.

quin said...

Turned out quite nice. I started painting an orange the other day and found it a bit challenging as well. Keep up the good work.

Luis Colan said...

Hi Jan, pick up that lemon and try it out! I'm thinking of doing a bigger still life with lemons. I'm not going to rest until I get a lemon right.

Quin, hey man, thanks for dropping by. Looked at you site and I really like your work. It has that flat modern touch I would like to do.


Anonymous said...

Hello Luis!
I am scrolling around and thought I'd catch myself up on your blog. It looks great.
Be well.
Bye -
Robert Bullock

Luis Colan said...

Hey Robert, was not expecting to hear from you. Thanks for dropping by and leaving a message. Hope things are good with you as well.
Take care