Friday, November 03, 2006

Red Bartlett Pear Study

Red Bartlett Pear, 2006, oil on canvas panel, 7 x 5 inches

As many can see, I have not been posting as often lately. I have been focused on a few personal things along with the large portrait of my roommate Steve. I almost became obsessed with this painting for great part of the week, trying to flesh him up. Thursday night was a lazy night, and at the very last minute, right before going to bed on the wee hours of Friday morning I decided to do a painting and try a new set up.
I bought this paint box many years ago but never had a good use for it. Only used it one semester for a painting class and it was left abandoned after that. After seeing Peter Yesis' set up with his paint box it made me realize that I could get a better use of this box. So I set my pear on the top step leading to my balcony and set the paint box, like an easel one step down and I sat on the floor on top of cushions. I felt like I was in some exotic land painting on top of big cushions. As you can see I started working on a failed attempt at a painting from early this week.
This was a nice change from sitting in front of the easel in my painting corner. It felt refreshing and I can't wait to use this new portable easel around my apartment. I'm dying to take it with me to Connecticut during my Thanksgiving break. There are so many little treasures in my parents' home I can't wait to try to paint!


Peter Yesis said...

Great painting! Setting it up on the stairs is an interesting approach. How did you like the freedom of using the small paint box? I'd like to see what you can do outdoors with it in the city.

Luis Colan said...

Thanks Peter! I love using the paint box now. It allows me to move around in my appartment a bit more. Especially in a small place, where I can't move my easel around...that's when I have to get creative and use what I have. That's why those stairs came in handy.