Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Welcome to Astoria 11105

31st Street and Ditmars Blvd, last subway stop of the N & W

It is taking a little more time to settle than I originally thought. My studio is set up but not ready to start work yet. In the mean time I will share images of my neighborhood, Astoria. On my way to/from the train I walk trough a ten block strip on Ditmars Blvd full of restaurants, pharmacies, grocery stores, jewelries and gift shops. Ten blocks is a long way to walk in the cold winter days but it goes by fast if you window shop and people watch.
Restaurant Mezzo is a great place to eat if you want to stay in the neighborhood. I had dinner once before in this place and I thought the food was amazing and the atmosphere was great. What's cool about this place is that on one night of the week they offer belly dancing entertainment while you dine. Pretty cool right?
Taverna Kyclades the most popular place to eat in the strip. This Mediterranean seafood restaurant is sure to please your appetite and senses, that's if you are willing to wait the long lines in any day of the week, especially in the summer, when the place is hopping all day and night.
Crown Chemists in one of many independent pharmacies where you can get just about anything over the counter and prescriptions. During the December Holidays this place lights up the corner in red and green.
Martha's Country Bakery stole my heart away more than a year ago when I first moved to this area of Queens. This amazing bakery can't do wrong, pastries, cakes, coffee, ice coffee, ice cream, you name it. If it's sweet they got it. I love walking by the front of Martha's and inhaling the warm fresh aroma of their baked goods. I do have to control myself since eating too many of their treats might lead me to gain a number of pounds.
Sunshine Fruit & Vegetables is a small charming market devoted to fresh fruit and veggies. This place reminds me so much of the "verdulerias" you find in Peru, that's why when walking by I feel like I'm home. Sunshine is one of two places where you can find fresh veggies. Top Tomato, is another independent veggie place, in a much larger scale, that's open 24/7. I'm sure most of the still life painters would fall in love with both places. For other boxed and canned groceries there's another 24/7 market, Trade Fair, situated right in between both veggie places.

The Bagel House recently became my morning pit stop before heading to the train. This family owned business provides great friendly service to those of us who are running late to work. Their specialty is the bagel, but you can find other things like the Panini dello Chef, a sandwich with grilled chunks of steak, caramelized red onions, mozzarella cheese, and grilled peppers. One of the best steak sandwiches I've ever had, for sure!


m collier said...

Love the tour.

Luis Colan said...

thanks M, glad you liked it. Wanted to do more but time and the cold weather didn't allow me to shoot more pictures. I'll show more in the future.


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