Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Working on Two

It's a beautiful warm and sunny day here in New York and spring fever is kicking in, at least for me. What does this mean? The more sun and warmth there is the more motivated I am to complete some paintings. Currently working on two paintings. I usually only paint one at a time but when the mood is right I start one in the middle of another. I started applying some color to the recent onion painting, trying to get an emerald green background. For some reason I'm not good with green and it turned out to be too loud.
Last night I toned it down a bit by adding some Umber and Ochre to the mix. A little of Unbleached Titanium Pale as well. Tonight I'll be greying it down more in hopes of achieving a more subtle light earth green.

The second painting on my easel is this vertical still life, a format I don't usually work with. As you can see its on the very first rough stages. I already have the color scheme in mind but it's one thing to think about something and another to put it to practise.

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