Friday, February 01, 2008

In the Meantime

I have been working on Yellow Heirloom Tomato steadily but slowly. I keep fussing with the towel, which seems to never end. I've started to get way to precious with it and tonight I decided to stop. I needed a break from dabbing endless hues of whites, yellows and greens. My eyes have been going crazy and tired with the towel. So to take a break from it why not start a new painting? I'm back at painting on canvas, a familiar feeling like an old friend that makes you wonder why you ever lost touch. I'm also back at using the aquare format which for some years I have favored most. As I put things in my life into perspective I am very happy to start painting again. I am very excited to be back at work that I may start workig on a third painting. As one painting comes close to being done, is always nice to have other paintings going in the meantime.

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