Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Let it Snow

Snow came down hard all throughout Tuesday. It’s the first snow fall of the season in New York, it covered the city in white, which it’s a nice site to see, but as most of us here know the prettiness only lasts for so long. Once it starts melting everything becomes a big muddy swamp. As snow flakes hit the windows I sat in front of the easel late at night working on the sliced pear painting. I had done some work to the background a few days ago but it came out all wrong. I had to wait for it to dry before I could start work on it again. In the meantime I had to think about how to cover the pale mint green I had covered it with. It needed to be toned down, there was no doubt about that, but how and with what color. I was not sure if I should keep working with some kind of soft green or should I try some other neutral color. Too many thoughts running through my head made it hard for me to come to a clear idea of where I want this painting to go. To get rid of confusion I covered the background with a mixture of earth tones. I applied it thinly so that the green under layer could show through. I proceeded to keep working the whole painting using earth tones, building up layers trying to get a new feel for the painting.


Paula said...

Sometimes I sit, and stare and, sit, and stare at my work for a good long time. Sometimes I have to do this off and on for a couple of days before I'm able to move on. I get all locked up thinking I'll just make things worse.

The moment of snowflakes sounds nice. We got just the "ornamental" snow here which is typical of central New Mexico. I grew up in Colorado where the snow was intense at times. I don't miss it. In Telluride when the snow begins to melt they call it "mud season".

Luis Colan said...

I go through the same thing, I become afraid that I will mess it up as well. Although I know that all that it is is just paint and that mistakes can be covered, or rubbed off, I still can't shake it off when I think I'm going to mess it up. Becoming too precious with the work can hinder it at the end, thing become too uptight, this is the hardest part for many artists to lear. How to let go and let things be.
We've bee getting some snow since late December, I think, but it never settled or was enough to call it an actual snow fall. Temperature has been weird around here, during this winter we've had two occasion when we've had spring days. A week ago it was 70 degrees out, we thought we were never going to get a real winter, but here it is!