Friday, March 07, 2008

I'm On My Way To London!

OK not physically, but my work is. Just recently the Moleskine company contacted me wanting to use my sketchbook as some kind of marketing device for their product. They requested if they could borrow the sketchbook for the London Book Fair, and of course I agreed. Why wouldn't I? I love the brand and don't see myself using another kind of sketchbook, so this is a huge honor for me. To my understanding they have someone in the company who's going to build a special case/contraption to hold my moleskine, and they will be printing and enlarging some of my paintings for the event. So it seems there will be a tiny exhibit of my work at the fair. I'm very excited about this and can't wait to see photographs from the event.


O. Douglas said...

Congratulations, Luis! What an exciting honor!

I was just admiring your Moleskine sketches on your flickr site this evening and checked your blog. Your sketches will make a wonderful addition to the Moleskine display at the London Book Fair. I hope you post some photos from the event. I rejoice with you at this happy opportunity.

Luis Colan said...

thank you douglas, as soon as I get some photos from the people at moleskine I will put them up.

Bethany said...

way to go, luis! what an honor, so well deserved!

arianna said...

Omigod omigod!! Haha, sorry I sound like a teenage girl (but, hey, I was when we first met!), but that's SO amazing. Wow! How did they find you, your blog?? I am so impressed. You will be an *awesome* marketing tool. ;)

Anyway, congratulations! What an honor. But a well-deserved one, no question.

Do they give you free Moleskines for life or anything...? Hehe.

arianna said...

Okay I swear Bethany & I did not collaborate on comments or anything...we are not even in the same town right now. But...can you tell we're sisters? Hah.

(Also, I would have posted at 1:56, but I apparently typed the word verification incorrectly...)

p.s. I'll be in NYC soon; I'll call you about that!

Luis Colan said...

ha ha, you girls are funny! I do get free moleskines but not for life. They are very kind to give me 5 sketchbooks, can't wait to get those this week.
Call me when you make it to NYC!

Urban Molecule said...

Check out Luis's mention at the UM Blog:

leave comments - show your support. WE love you Luis!! -UM

Takeyce said...

Wow! Congrats Luis! What a fantastic honor. You must be so proud.