Sunday, March 09, 2008

Putting the Heart on the Brush

"That's what I'm always looking for, that implausible thing, the well-painted painting with heart."
Tad Spurgeon
I couldn't have said it any better! Very early on I learned that good painting has to be honest, and the only way one can achieve it is by putting your heart into the work. We all struggle with our art sometimes, Tad Spurgeon is no stranger to that feeling at this moment. But the struggle makes sense. No artist would want, and shouldn't, put something out there that it's not up to their standards.
This has been my struggle with Steve's portrait There are days when it feels like I will be done with it, and there are days when I rework the painting setting me back a few steps. This week I'm reworking the face. It was close to his likeness but the portrait doesn't seem alive. I'm after the fleshy look of Rubens and about high standards! But that's what I want from the painting and will keep working it until I get it right.
My friend Josh's crit on this portrait was also very helpful. A fresh pair of eyes can make a big difference, and his eyes are very fine tuned and pointed out all the problem areas. With this information I can proceed to the final stages of completion.

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