Monday, March 16, 2009

A Good Morning Start

This is what I wake up to every morning. OK, well at least on my days off, and they are not mornings but more like early afternoons. I usually walk to my studio and look around and sit for a few minutes thinking of what I should start with first. It could be the landscape, or the portrait I've left aside for a few months, or the new still life hanging on the wall. It takes me a while to get started on something as I stare at my palette and brushes by the window.
Before I know it an hour or so goes by and my stomach starts growling. I think it's time for breakfast, or lunch, whatever one wishes to call it. I don't live on tomatoes and onions alone. Another thing I can live off are eggs and hot dogs. I like them separate or together, it depends on my mood. Today I wanted them together in a sandwich. Yes, I know, soooo weird. I've been told about how nasty this idea sounds, but let me say this, they don't know what they're missing! The idea is simple. Whisk a couple of eggs, slice one hot dog thinly, mix them together, add salt and pepper, and on this occasion I added some parsley for color and a different flavor.

After the mixture goes in the pan and cooks well on both sides this is what I get. One hell of a sandwich. This always does the trick and helps me get my day started in the studio. What would I be without food?


Anonymous said...

Sounds delicious! We should all eat what we like. I like cold leftover Chinese & most people think that's weird. We can't create art on an empty stomach (& soul!) Best, Robert Hoover

Luis Colan said...

Thanks Robert! I wish I could eat cold food, anything, but I can't, I feel it takes the flavors away. Well except ice cream...yummmm! :)

Anonymous said...

After a while, it becomes room temperature! (Usually eaten with someone, on a tray, en la cama, in the middle of the night!) I am going to try your egg/hot dog sandwich tomorrow! --Robert Hoover