Sunday, March 01, 2009

Sizing Night

Turned out to be a good Saturday night after all. After work I picked up some canvases (among other stuff) from my old neighbor and friend's apartment. I had been using his place as storage for two months and after being away from some of my materials I decided that I couldn't let my stuff sit there another day.
It was a weird night, a mix of boredom and fatigue came over me, and I knew my night was just getting started. I made up my mind not to go out. I've been trying to be more focused and responsible, and my nights of partying have to be cut short. Besides I needed get an important conversation out of the way, and this was the best night for both people involved.
Conversation, boredom, and fatigue aside I walked into the studio thinking I was only going to put things away. But that wasn't the case. I had left some glue soaking overnight and it needed to be applied to a couple of pieces of linen. Glue on the stove I thought why not finish sizing other canvases as well. Besides I needed a break from painting the landscape I'm having some issues with. I thought this was a good way of being productive without further ruining my painting in progress.

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meperry said...

great photo, really shows intensity. great paintings also. thanks, Mark