Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Staying Motivated

It has been an off night for me. After getting home from work I felt exhausted, bored, and slightly depressed. I shouldn't be tired since I had a good night sleep. Sometimes this happens after I finish a painting. I feel a bit lost and unuseful. I could keep working on the paintings I have in progress but I feel like they are boring me, or maybe they are not the right kind of work for this night since they are larger and more difficult.
I didn't want this night to go to waste, and so I forced myself to start a small painting of a single object. I chose a pear that was not perfect. I loved the scars and wounds. This is a different subject matter, just what I need to keep me working without feeling bored.

Funny thing is that this didn't do the trick. My mood is still the same, but at least I started a new little painting, and I can't really say that the night was a total waste.

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