Thursday, March 19, 2009

My Diana F+

This made my day! On Monday I received an email from MoMA notifying me as the winner of the MoMA Monday Nights contest. I went to the museum the first monday night of Feb. to look at some art on the day when all museums and galleries are closed. As I walk in I'm offered to enter the contest just by singning up for their E-Newsletter. After looking at art that night, and getting my picture taken in front of a Rothko, the camera contest was forgotten.
So on Monday I'm the winner and on Wednesday I recieve the package containing the 2007 Diana F+, a copy of a popular 1960's camera. I haven't been this excited over anything for a long long time. I felt like a kid again, opening the box and pulling the context out from it.
For a photo junkie like myself, this was like winning the lottery. With the camera came a small clothe hard covered book explaining the history and usage of the Diana.
Immediately I was captured by the photographs in the book. These were all taken with this model and I just can't wait to take this out for a test shoot around the city.
I am not too informed on the camera, all I know is that there seems to be a cult following for it, which I wouldn't mind joining in. Heck, I did it with Moleskine, why not Diana? I can't wait to post some images taken with this camera, that's if I can figure out how to work it. In the mean time here are some images I took of the photos in the Diana book.

For more Diana visit the flickr group devoted to this camera's photography.

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Doctor Sententiarum said...

Ha; congratulations! they are wonderful little machines indeed.