Sunday, March 29, 2009

New Painting: Wounded Pear

Wounded Pear, 2009, oil on canvas, 8 x 7 inches
Here it is, the second "finished" painting of 2009. Seems like I'm on a roll lately, becoming a bit anti social and making a routine of going to work in the mornings and coming home to paint at nights. "The Master of Nightlife," as my friend calls me, has handed his party throne, for the moment, to other young party boys making a mess out of the city. I'm more focused now, I need to paint more and push my work further. New ideas are being worked on, expanding my subjects are the main concern and at times I hesitate to try new things I think I'll handle the new ideas well. I'm also in the process of submitting my work to different shows in the city, and one in London. Wish me luck with London Calling, a competition I just submitted my work for review, juried by The TATE Modern's Vanessa DesClaux, Tom Morton of The Hayward Gallery, and Francesco Manacorda of The Barbican Gallery. I'll share more as in the days to come as I work on more paintings.

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