Thursday, October 23, 2008

Details of Steve

I took some detail shots of Steve in Yellow recently, something I felt needed to be done and shared since the paint layers can't be appreciated fully in the painting's photo.
The piece hangs in a wall at work, along side with other of my paintings. It hangs high above the racks and shelves of oil paint and mediums, and even though this is a large portrait most of the paint application can't be seen with clarity from the sales floor. The most obvious thing people seem to comment on is the shirt.
I am proud of the shirt but I wish most could see up close the flesh areas of the face and the right arm. After putting on so many layers through the years I started building a good surface, the painterly element I always want to achieve. It was never easy, after a while the surface in the face became so smooth and glossy it was almost impossible to keep adding paint on top. Paint didn't want to stick, a frustrating thing to deal with. But I kept on painting and after a while the build up was more apparent. Is it a breathtaking portrait? Maybe not, but it is a big step for me and I'm happy with the outcome.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for including the details. I can tell you learned a lot doing this painting and, for something that appears to be a rather straightforward portrait, you were smart to not give up on it and really push every aspect of it fully. Well done!

Luis Colan said...

thank you so much semifl! Moving on to other portraits...I'm already planing for a few more, I think I'm a bit hooked.