Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Weekend Update

It has been a good weekend in every aspect. I did get a little sick, I started fighting a cold Saturday morning which weighted on me like a ton of bricks but was able to shake it off by Sunday night, thanks to the help of my loving roommate. Never had so much theraflu and vitamin c pills in my life, but they did the trick. Not to mention that I can make a mean chicken soup, good enough to revive anyone from the dead. Cold aside I was able to spend time with friends out in the city and managed to have an amazing time. Did a little much needed kitchen cleaning. The most important accomplishment, aside from doing my laundry, was working on the new landscape. So far progress is steady and promising. I have built up a couple more layers and the intensity of the colors are as bright as the sunny day being depicted. Seems that I will finish this painting this week, that is if I don't become distracted by random events.


Anonymous said...

Fall colds are good luck: they mean you will have a healthy winter! Glad you stayed on you feet, man.

Luis Colan said...

let's hope it will be a healthy one as you say!

Kitty said...

The weather has been nutty lately, it's no wonder that you were almost sick?!

There's an article by Malcolm Gladwell in the current New Yorker on two forms of creativity. There's the type of artist who is recognized early in life and one that comes later after development.

The article is dense, but there's a comparison between Picasso and Cezanne. I thought such a thing would be interesting to a fellow artist!

You can read it online here

Luis Colan said...

Hi Kitty, thank you the link, I'm away at the moment will check it out soon as I get back to New York .