Sunday, October 12, 2008

Local Color

Thanks to Marc Dalessio's blog I found out about a great movie that will be released on November 7, 2008. It's a story, based on true events, about a young painter who seeks knowledge and inspiration from his hero, Russian painter Seroff. Bellow is the trailer for this movie.


Anonymous said...

Many thanks for the tip.

"I'm interested in the idea of the painterly image, concentrating in the formal elements of painting and trying to continue the long tradition of painting which to many is dead."

Many, many thanks for your approach to Art, to your painting. So many painters I have known, or know of, are oppressed by the contemporary notion that one must construct the form of newness itself in their work.

Luis Colan said...

Thank you Doctor Sentenarium, I appreciate your comment very much! My view on art is something that I've always carried with me inside, it took a few amazing instructors to bring it out of me and help me express it and find my strength in it as well. Art has always been about passion and truth, so why stray away from it? Only time will be the judge of what is important and what is or was a fad.