Thursday, October 02, 2008

Keep Working It!

Steve in Yellow is up on my wall, this time hoping I will finish this long dragged out portrait. I'm beginning to feel better about this painting than I did earlier in the year, and although I'm still having some flesh tone issues I'm working at them and getting them right little by little. I will continue to work on this piece in the next few days pushing myself to complete it. What's after that? A double portrait I started around the same time as Steve's three years ago.


Anonymous said...

Do you work right on the wall, usually; or were you just looking at it that way? I started working that way and enjoy it very much and it saves some space in the studio.

Your studio walls are nice as well, especially the Marcus Rothkowitz. Its beginning to remind me of my good buddy Vince Desiderio's Cockaigne:

You should post the double portrait sometime; those are very tricky.

Luis Colan said...

I used to paint on the wall back in paintings then were to big for easels, and I loved the freedom of it; of attacking it without it moving back and forth like easels usually do. I recently rearranged things in my studio and thought why not the wall? I'm enjoying it a lot more. Mr. Rothkowitz will always be near for inspiration, and I think Desiderio may have been inspired by my studio! Haha...he happens to be one of my favorite painters as well. The inspiration wall was a hint I took from another fellow artist many years ago.