Friday, October 03, 2008

Working Friday

It turned out to be a good Friday night. At the last minute I decided to cook dinner, and after being away from the kitchen for some time it felt very good to get back into it. I love food as much as I love painting. I enjoy the process and outcome of it. Just like art, food is meant to be shared, but on this night it was all just for me.
As my phone rang and vibrated from calls and text messages from friends trying to get me to go out, I chopped and sliced and diced my way to a nice dinner. I made one of my favorites, Chicken Stew which is a nice dish on a cool fall night like tonight.
After filling my stomach with goodness I started work on Steve. It was a good working night, bringing this painting to almost completion. After so many layers of paint that have accumulated over a period of three years it is such a relief to see this portrait coming close to its end. The unveiling of Steve in Yellow is coming soon!


Anonymous said...

You resolved that left hand pretty quickly. Your Thursday post had it scraped out. I read your post after I diced a few tomatoes and onions for pasta tonight, so the pics caught my attention; nothing like a good meal to fuel a night's work.

Luis Colan said...

nothing like a home cooked meal any day I say. The arm is not resolved yet, I still have to tweak it more, get a better shape and fuss with the color some more. I keep looking at that arm and I keep thinking it looks like an alien's arm. It bothers me but my focus is to finish work on the face, everything else will fall into place after that's done.