Tuesday, October 07, 2008

First Layer

Started laying down color on the new landscape. I was able to get general shapes and values in a loose manner. The general idea I've had about the new landscapes is that I want to keep it painterly, somewhat more Corot than Cole. Not to knock on Thomas Cole, at a very young age I admired his work while living in Hartford. His over stylized aesthetic is not what I'm after, nature by itself is beautiful and does not need over embellishment. The more one tries to make a landscape ideal the more it turns out like Bob Ross or Thomas Kinkade, don't know which one is worse. I'm after the real, and by this I don't mean a good copy of the material world, what I want is humility and honesty. The first layer of this painting has the spontaneity I want, but a few more layers are needed to reach vibrancy of color. My biggest fear is that I will get too tight with this and start painting each little leave at a time. I will keep slapping my hand to prevent it from happening.

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